Difference between Hashtable and Dictionary

Hashtable and Dictionary are collection of data structures to hold data as key-value pairs. Dictionary is a generic type, Hashtable is not. That means you get type safety with Dictionary, because you can't insert any random object into it, and you don't have to cast the values you take out.

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Posted By : Bipul Kumar Tiwari, 4/21/2016 12:07:37 PM
Updated On : 4/21/2016 12:07:37 PM

IEnumerable Vs IQueryable

IEnumerable and IQueryable are used for data manipulation in LINQ from the database and collections

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Posted By : Bipul Kumar Tiwari, 3/17/2016 10:51:11 AM
Updated On : 3/17/2016 10:51:11 AM

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