What is Data independence

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* Data independence is the idea that generated and stored data should be kept separate from applications that use the data for computing and presentation

* In this manner, the data remains accessible, but it is also stable and cannot be corrupted by the applications.

* To demonstrate the popularity of data independence, experts often point to conventional database systems. The role of a database is to hold data for use by various applications. Data independence allows for the same data to be used in many different ways. It’s a more versatile approach than keeping data hidden within a program's source code.

Types of Data Independence:

There are two types of data independence:
1.  Logical Data Independence
2.  Physical Data Independence

1. Logical Data Independence :

Logical data independence is the ability to modify the conceptual schema without having alteration in external schemas or application programs. Alterations in the conceptual schema may include addition or deletion of fresh entities, attributes or relationships and should be possible without having alteration to existing external schemas or having to rewrite application programs.

In simple word Logical data is data about database, that is, it stores information about how data is managed inside. For example, a table (relation) stored in the database and all its constraints, applied on that relation.

2. Physical Data Independence :

Physical data independence is the ability to modify the inner schema without having alteration to the conceptual schemas or application programs. Alteration in the internal schema might include.
*  Using new storage devices.
*  Using different data structures.
*  Switching from one access method to another.
*  Using different file organizations or storage structures.
*  Modifying indexes.

In simple word Physical data independence is the power to change the physical data without impacting the schema or logical data.

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