Differentiate Between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code

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Managed Code:

Managed code is the code that is executed directly by the CLR instead of the operating system.This code doesn't depend on machine configurations and can be executed on different machines. In .NET Framework Managed Code runs within the .Net Framework’s CLR and benefits from the services provided by the CLR.

Managed code also provides platform independence. As the managed code is first compiled to intermediate language, the CLR’s JIT Compiler takes care of compiling this intermediate language into the architecture specific instructions.

Managed Code

Unmanaged Code:

Unmanaged code is the code that is executed directly by the operating system outside the CLR environment. It is directly compiled to native machine code which depends on the machine configuration.

This means that if you want to run the same code on different architecture then you will have to recompile the code using that particular architecture. In unmanaged code the memory allocation, type safety, security, etc needs to be taken care of by the developer.

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