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Welcome friends,

Its bipul here ,I am a software developer With my all deep hard efforts i have got an oppurtunity to be called a developer .If it comes to make a program its not as simple but it requires the creative mind of a man behind that program and to affluently execute it without any further adaptation .

It involves a healthy mind, an idea without any faults which can fabricate a splendid outcome of whatever quest has been assigned to an individual and here i can gleefully vocalize that i got triumphant in any of the charge i got thus far . And uninterruptedly from the very beginning i keep publicizing my work of effort through my blogs . Blogging is the real platform for presuming and transmitting the actual content of that particular domain.

As i always say that i am persistently pivot on my reading , writting and accumulating and erecting my work in a order to amplify my prowess. I locate new aspects in propagate bussiness with a proven record in prompting database and programming.

I have a convincing technical skills as well as powerful interpersonal skills . I am fervent to be challenged in order to grow and enhance my communication and IT skills attained through previous experiences in IT sectors.

I am versatile , convertible and dazzling individual with a superlative eye for programming . As a senior software engineer with 7 years of hard core working , now i am worthy and fascinated to work with others as a team to achieve a certain objective in a given schedule with excellence and with my maturity.

I remain try to get highest standard for my work delivered. With my allegiance to my students from past 9 years. I make them to get more out of me . I have a profound communication skills which make them to learn the hardest thing in an much easier way .

I am imperturbable and can administer any pressure and have a capability to work in any pressurize environment . Therefore i ensure a strong working commitments as an individual or as a team .


For further query or accuracy for all concerning my blog or any technical questions related to same please find me on below contact without any scruple . Everyone will be heartly appreciated .

Mob: +91-9873397951
Email: bipultiwari83@gmail.com

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